The Erasmus+ project DIGITAL FILM MAKING will broaden the landscape of adult education by demonstrating best practice on how to use digital film making for widening the international training offer.

Duration: 1.6.2016 – 31.5.2017

Coordinator: Skills International GmbH, Austria
Partner: Joanna Pinewood Education JPE, London

Project number: 2016-1-AT01-KA104-016584

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3D Vizualisation for Learning in the Classroom  with Mobile Phone Devices  is an Erasmus+ project.


The project aims at enhancing learning mobility of staff engaged in adult education to implement Augmented Reality is an ITC-tool with considerable potential for the provision of training and learning services.The course is held at Joanna Pinewood Education Ltd. in London in partnership with Skills International GmbH, Austria: From Fantasy to Reality - Augmented Adult Literacy and Numeracy in the Real World Workshop in London.